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NovoRoi Systems Partners with Royal 4 Systems 

February 26, 2010

NovoRoi Systems, LLC is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Royal 4 Systems, Inc. as a reselling and implementing partner of Royal 4 Systems' warehouse management system, WISE.

Royal 4 Systems and NovoRoi Systems share a common goal of helping clients become more competitive in their respective markets with minimal investment.  With Royal 4 Systems modular architecture centered on the Progress database, clients can add new functionality and applications without disrupting existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. 

“NovoRoi Systems has been searching for a top-end product offering to answer our clients' needs for warehousing concerns ranging from simple inventory management to complex order fulfillment and order distribution,” says Harold (Trey) Miller, President of NovoRoi Systems.“Looking at Royal 4's WISE system, we really feel like we've found a diamond in the rough. This top-end package offers all the functionality that our clients require in an advanced WMS, at a very affordable price point.  NovoRoi Systems is proud and excited to announce its partnership with Royal 4 Systems and we look forward to showing our clients the incredible value inherent in the WISE product.”

“We are enthusiastic about our new partnership with NovoRoi Systems,” says Jess Noguera, President and CEO of Royal 4 Systems. “NovoRoi Systems has a proven record as a high-level solutions provider and understands how to apply Royal 4's technology so companies can manage their warehouses in a truly efficient manner. We have high expectations that our partnership with NovoRoi Systems will increase our presence in this quickly expanding marketplace.”

About NovoRoi Systems, LLC

Based in Plymouth, MN, NovoRoi Systems is an organization comprised of very experienced ERP solution providers.  NovoRoi Systems has developed a suite of exceptionally efficient real-time interface systems between Rocket Software U2® databases and Microsoft SQL®, enabling clients to implement real-time data updates and/or scheduled extractions, fulfill advanced reporting requirements, and improve the reach and usefulness of their software systems. NovoRoi's ready-made software for real-time data extraction and reporting systems, along with experienced, quality programming allows for customized data warehouse solutions, cost reduction and efficient operations for 21st century manufacturing firms.

About Royal 4 Systems

Since 1984, Royal 4 Systems has been providing leading software solutions for the distribution, logistics, and manufacturing segments of the supply chain. These solutions service many mainstream vertical markets including medical, textiles, apparel, discreet manufacturing, food and beverage, industrial, automotive and consumer products. Their staff of professional engineers has spent decades of research and development in solving some of the most difficult challenges facing supply chain management. 

Source: Royal 4 Systems,   February 26, 2010