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NovoRoi Systems provides proven business solutions from experienced ERP consultants and developers. NovoRoi Systems has developed a suite of  exceptionally efficient real-time interface systems between Rocket Software U2 and SQL, MySQL, or PostgreSQL databases. This enables clients to implement real-time updates and/or scheduled extractions, fulfill advanced reporting requirements, and improve the reach and usefulness of their software systems.

NovoRoi's mainstay product is NovoMotion Outbound. It is the cornerstone of our interface designs. Getting data out of U2, real-time, and making delivery to multiple normalized SQL tables, is the primary strength and attraction of the NovoMotion product. It keeps data in sync between U2 and SQL, in the background, in real-time, every day, all day long.

Request a Product Demonstration

NovoRoi Systems uses Zoom to bring the demonstration of the NovoRoi products directly to your desktop. We have found this demonstration technique to be very effective for both demonstrating the tools and providing your team with easy cost justification for the products. Any questions you or your IT team have will be answered immediately with real-world examples.

Please contact us for an online demonstration:  info@novoroisystems.com

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